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Get your
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Build your brand fundamentals from the start and make it easier to gain traction, attract people and grow business.

Why brand Struggle to get across in a pitch deck how your idea is different? New features cheer you up, but people still don’t care? See different ways to grow your business, yet don’t know which to choose first? Even a single yes is a sign you’re in the right place.

Lucky for all of us, a brand, done right and early, is what can fix this. Brand is a coherent system underpinning what you do, how you stand out, and why people connect. So it’s about time we made it your business.

Who we are
At Herd, we value the uniqueness of every idea and believe that different doesn't mean lonely. We join founders as an agile brand-building team to help their young businesses grow up, reaching market readiness and scaling faster.
what we do
We ask uncomfortable questions, facilitate exhaustive workshops and draw the fundamentals out to help you follow through on your vision taking a leap from 0 to 1.
Equipped with research data, we define what your company stands for, why it exists and how it is different, creating a coherent story for all stakeholders you interact with.
  • Market & competitor research
  • Positioning
  • Vision & mission
  • Brand concept development
  • Personality & values
  • Brand framework
  • Brand architecture
  • Product portfolio
  • Persona development
  • Customer value proposition
  • Employer branding
  • HR processes
We translate your brand strategy into a distinctive visual and verbal identity with a set of assets that you can consistently apply across your communication channels.
  • Creative concept development
  • Testing & refinement
  • Brand identity
  • Naming & tagline
  • Brand story & messaging
  • Tone of voice principles
  • Visual applications
  • Brand guidelines
Together with your team, we bring your brand to life and help you launch – whether appealing to your customers, investors or employees – online and offline.
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Content writing
  • Content localisation
  • Website wireframing
  • Website design & development
  • Marketing strategy
  • Investor pitch deck
  • Internal roll-out
  • Brand launch
Choose a package that’s right for you now. Then get an upgrade minus the paid price, or don’t. No strings attached.
/ 1 week

For early startups looking to clarify what makes them different

This route delivers the following outcome:

  • Positioning map that assesses your industry competitors and carves out space for your brand to own
[ Frame ]
/ 2 weeks

For pre-seed start-ups struggling to get across what they offer

This route delivers the outcomes of SCAN, plus:

  • Brand framework that sums up what your company does for its customers, how it does it and why it exists
/ 10 weeks

For seed-funded startups looking to get traction and efficiently market

This route includes the deliverables of FRAME, plus:

  • Customer persona profiles that describe who your product or service appeals to
  • Value proposition as a competitive solution to your customers’ problem
  • Verbal identity that tells your story and defines how you speak
  • Visual identity that brings your brand’s personality to life
  • Landing page that makes a central place for your new brand to market
Based on the brief

For seed-funded startups looking to amplify their voice across channels

This route includes the deliverables of LAUNCH, plus:

  • Customer journey that maps out an end-to-end experience for your brand to offer across channels
  • Marketing strategy that outlines what to do to build your brand’s following
  • Investor pitch deck that brings the biggest sсeptics on board
  • Employer branding & HR processes that help attract top talent and get your employees’ buy-in
* When buying a more accessible package first, you can then upgrade to the next one with
the deduction of the paid price. The prices are exclusive of VAT (20%).
our approach
Strategy first
We create meaning beyond visual aesthetics and user experience. A strategic brand provides a clear path for business and product growth yet doesn’t limit its potential.
Co-creative process
Working closely with founders prevents unnecessary amendments, providing them with key learnings along the process that simply cannot be handed over.
Tailored packages
To spend time wisely and effectively, we have developed a set of packages that make the most of our collaboration with founders and deliver on our promise.
Curated teams
We cannot do it all, but we know the right people who can. We engage trusted freelancers and small teams from our network that make the right fit for every project brief.
Want to
know more?
We love to work with ambitious founders that want to be heard.
Our experience
The proposition of ‘timely brain nutrition’ created a differentiated positioning for this new supplements brand in Germany and outlined a clear roadmap for the founders to follow.
Herd made a tangible effect on our strategy and product, giving us a profound stepping stone for launch.
Tobias Paulus
Co-founder @ Mindsupply
A summary of key insights from the competitors’ and brand’s own communications gave the content team a new angle for a potential brand pivot.
Building consensus on our shared vision has been invaluable for our business progress as a whole.
Robert Stiff
Co-founder & Product Manager @ Trelica
EP Advisory
EP Advisory
A coherent brand system built around the concept of ‘possibilities beyond borders’ orchestrated the development of a new service structure, brand architecture, identity and website.
We now know exactly what drives us, what goals to achieve and how to operate. It was more than just branding!
Luma Manina
Head of Marketing @ EP Advisory
In the pursuit of the new consulting model that fits the startup world, we created a brand framework for our brand-building agency.
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