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Travel far once Herd.

In the pursuit of the next big idea
That brings you money, purpose, or both
You realise that this venture can be lonely.
Often risky. Never easy.
You, stubborn, push extra hard to get
over that plateau
To discover that what may feel lonely at times
Doesn’t mean you have to stay alone.
Be heard. We are all ears.
Thinking out how to take your venture off.
We join your crowd
Getting you to travel far, in the wild.
We hear you. Be Herd.
A business is always an adventure.

What makes us who we are

We join founders and founding teams in getting their new ventures out in the wild.

We don’t ask to commit long term.

We understand the pressures of starting a business, when being nimble and agile is part of a successful take-off. Our service packages start from as short as one week and extend as long as you need it.

We choose business over consultancy.

Prototyping, testing and learning are all part of our daily work. Having been in entrepreneurial shoes ourselves, we prioritise practical support in achieving cohesion across product, sales and operations.

We know those who know.

Our trusted network of problem-solvers grows with every new project. We leverage our connections to find the talent founders need to fill out their knowledge gaps – whether on a consultancy, project or permanent basis.

meet our founders
Strategy & Branding

With the experience of 5+ years in brand strategy and over 30 client projects across AI, e-commerce, enterprise software, professional services and consumer goods, Alina helps startup teams go from concept to market readiness. Leveraging her entrepreneurial background and best branding practices, she works closely with founders to take on existing market, product and experience conventions.

Team & Business Development

With 10+ years in a people-centred career, Elizaveta is at her best when sourcing top talent, finding advisors across domains and forming effective teams. First as a Partner at a global recruitment agency helping 500+ startups and corporations across the world and then as a CEO of a career & HR consultancy managing a remote team of 35, she now helps founders fulfil their most ambitious goals.

Those who get Herd moving
Building a business?
We’re up for the
hello@beherd.co.uk Book a 30-min call with us